Project Description

Scout’s Barbershop is a locally-owned and operated salon for men and women based in Nashville. The business provides a self-described “old-school, walk-in barbershop vibe” and is also the first unisex salon in the city. Currently, Scout’s Barbershop has six locations, including East Nashville, the Gulch, Franklin, Germantown, Sylvan Park, and Wedgewood-Houston.

What We Did

The first step in boosting the digital presence of Scout’s Barbershop was website conversion consulting. We trained management on best practices when it comes to social and digital content creation. This consultation made sure that our ads were more likely to convert click-throughs into actual conversions.

Our marketers performed an analytical review of the website copy to find under-utilized keywords and phrases. We targeted a series of relevant words that copywriters scripted into the body text. As a result, Scout’s Barbershop came up more frequently when Google, Bing, and Yahoo! users searched for barbershop services in Nashville.

The brand expansion did not stop at SEO, though. We also purchased Google ads that would appear on related searches in the geographic area. Based on the data from impressions and click-throughs, we garnered a more insightful understanding of the Scout’s Barbershop audience and their purpose for shopping.

We used this insight to create Facebook and Instagram display ads. These appear as a right-hand side banner on Facebook and a full-screen ad on Instagram Stories. Not only did these campaigns increase traffic and visibility, but they also gathered more data to inform our consultations.

The Results

Clients were immediately attracted to the vibe, story, and culture of Scout’s Barbershop once they experienced it for themselves. The combination of SEO, ads, and consulting led to a growth in sales and clients, plus an expansion from one to six shops. Currently, the Scout’s Barbershop locations include East Nashville, the Gulch, Franklin, Germantown, Sylvan Park, and Wedgewood-Houston.