Project Description

The Elevate Rock School is a music school that specializes in drum, guitar, bass, piano, and vocal lessons. They also offer three programs for musicians that tailor lessons to the abilities of the student. Currently, the school has locations in Fargo, ND, and Mooresville, NC.

What We Did

Our initial goal was to build brand awareness as a way to funnel visitors for macro-conversions. The first step was managing Facebook and Instagram ads that specifically targeted local leads with interest in the programs. The precision of the advertisements made it easier for Elevate Rock School to connect with people already around the music community.

We parlayed our efforts with paid Google Search ads. These ads included customized copy and targeted filters to ensure Elevate Rock School ads reached potential customers. As a result, the organization saw a significant uptick in overall website traffic, impressions, and click-throughs.

Once people clicked on the hyperlink, visitors came face-to-face with a newly redesigned Elevate Rock School website. That included a clean and easy-to-read layout, intuitive navigation, and responsive design. The school saw an increase in conversions thanks to a landing page that advertises a free lesson for kids.

In addition to layout consultation, Elevate Rock School expanded its digital presence thanks to optimized website copy. Our marketing team used SEO to find and install underused keywords and phrases that represented their services. As a result, prospective clients were more likely to come across Elevate Rock School on Google searches.

The Results

The Elevate Rock School saw an increase in brand awareness and engagement. The school had a 78 percent improvement in overall website traffic. Additionally, it hit number one on several of the keywords that came as a result of SEO implementation.