Project Description

Dr. Jim Brantner, MD, is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Johnson City, Tenn. Dr. Brantner operated his private practice since 1987 after earning degrees from West Point, the California Institute of Technology, and Emory University. Additionally, he has published three papers on his work and is a Clinical Assistant Professor at East Tennessee State University.

What We Did

There are thousands of young women and men who get plastic surgery each year. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 63,000 surgeries for patients 13 to 19 alone. We wanted to expand our visibility and tap into this underutilized market with friendly website design.

This process meant creating a pared version of the desktop version without sacrificing content. That meant installing a responsive interface that increases the functionality of the user experience. We also simplified the layout and appearance for ease of physical and visual navigation.

Additionally, we performed a rigorous market analysis to determine what keywords and phrases we could use to boost Dr. Brantner on search engine results. We found 30 strings that our copywriters implemented into the website test. As a byproduct, prospective clients are now able to discover Dr. Brantner and learn about the services relevant to their interests.

The Results

We were able to increase the website traffic to by more than 300 percent. The spike in visitors also lead to a spike in conversions thanks to optimized landing pages. The practice saw an improvement of 500 percent when it came to finding leads for targeted advertising.

The boost in traffic is attributable primarily to the optimization of specific keywords. We were able to make Dr. Brantner the top search engine result for 30 keywords and phrases. The jump in search engine visibility also led to an overall increase in impressions.